So I've come to the end! Let's see how I did:

13 hours 15 minutes reading
1 hour 25 minutes reviewing
1 hour 25 minutes bookish socializing
3 books completed plus 1 more book started
898 pages read

Grand total: 16 hours 5 minutes

Hooray!! I'm actually surprised: in my head I was going to come up slightly short of my goal of 15-20 hours but my final push today paid off. It seems I'm not very good at mental math, perhaps because I forgot about my reviewing time which I (thankfully!) wrote down. :)

Thanks so much to MotherReader for hosting this challenge again this year. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for it next year!

06/05/2011 5:06pm

Great job! Thanks for playing!

06/05/2011 5:22pm

Great job! Isn't it fun to "have" to spend as much time reading as possible?

06/05/2011 5:58pm

Thanks to you both! And yes Ms. Yingling, it was a wonderful excuse to read a lot this weekend. :)

06/05/2011 11:09pm

wow you did awesome I did pretty good read some great books and even reread a awesome book that really touches your heart! love those books

06/06/2011 2:56am

Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

06/06/2011 11:30am

Congratulations on your time! That's great!!

06/06/2011 2:11pm

Thanks everyone. :) Reading other finish line posts is inspiring, and already I can't wait til next year!

06/06/2011 9:14pm

This challenge was so much fun, even though I didn't get to do nearly as much reading as I hoped! I did plow through a couple of great books though.


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